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Welcome to kpopficwishes!

How does this work?
You are allowed to submit one fic wish. Then you chose someone's fic wish to fulfill.

What is this wish I'm going to be making?
A wish going to be what fics you will be requesting and fulfilling. On the wish application you are allowed to choose four bands and two crossovers. For each band and crossover you are allowed to make four requests for each.

Can I make multiple wishes?
No, you are only allowed to make one wish.

Can I fulfill my own wish?
If you would like to I won't stop you, but where's the fun in doing that though.

Am I allowed to fulfill more than one wish?
Yes, this is encouraged.

Are we allowed to be anonymous?
Yes, if you wish to be. It is not required though.

Do I need an alias?
No. They are only necessary if you wish to remain anonymous.

Wait... Do I have to fulfill someone's whole wish (everything they requested)?
No, you just have to fill one of the various requests they have made on their wish list.

I've fulfilled someone's wish. What do I do now?
If you finish someone's wish please do not post it any where yet. Send it to me at quickenactions@gmail.com (with HTML tags). I will be posting them at the comm. Once they are posted you may post them elsewhere.

~ Remeber if you are going to make a wish, please try your hardest to make someone else's wish come true. This will not work if everyone is just submitting wishes. Everyone is going to have to help fulfill one another's wish. ~

~ Have a question? Please leave a comment here or pm me.
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