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December/Winter Holiday Fic Wish Lists 2010

LJ name or Alias: tonictristan
Band Choice 1: 2PM
1: Nichkhun|Wooyoung; Ala "The Vampire Chronicles" World AU
2: Nichkhun|Wooyoung; Ala "Desperate Housewives" AU
3: Nichkhun|Wooyoung; College AU
Crossover Choice 1: 2PM|B2ST
1: Nichkhun|KiKwang|Wooyoung
Crossover Choice 2: 2PM|SHINee
1: Nichkhun|Minho
Ratings that are okay: PG-13, R, NC-17

LJ name or Alias: mysterymiracle
Band Choice 1: MBLAQ
1: Joon|Mir; College!AU
2: Bandfic; Crack
Band Choice 2: 2PM
1: Nichkhun|Wooyoung; Fluff
2: Bandfic; Crack
3: Taec|Jaebeom; Crack/Fluff
Crossover Choice 1: Super Junior/SHINee
1: Diva!Key and Diva!Heechul (not romantically); Crack
2: gen.; Crack.
Crossover Choice 2: 2Oneday
1: Gen.; Fluff/Crack
Ratings that are okay: G, PG, PG-13, R

LJ name or Alias: louvela
Band Choice 1: Beast
1: HyunSeob - winter, around Christmas, with chocolate and ice rink, with a lot of fluffy things. Hyunsung doesn't know how to make Yoseob understand that he has a crush for him.
2: JunSeob - angst, fluff, happy ending
3: JunSeung - fluff, at the beach
Band Choice 2: MBLAQ
1: Seungho/Joon - fluff, guitar
2: Joon/Mir - fluff, dance moments
Crossover Choice 1: Beast/MBLAQ
1: Hyunseung/Joon - fluff
2: Seungho/Yoseob - bit angsty, fluff, happy ending
3: Seungho/Junhyung - fluff, dance session
Ratings that are okay: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 (but no smut please)

LJ name or Alias: bazookas
Band Choice 1: U-KISS
1: Eli/Kevin
2: OT7/All 7; General fluff/friendship fic lol
Band Choice 2: Xing
1: Injoon/Jihwan
2: Gwangchul/Injoon
Band Choice 3: BEAST
1: Doojoon/Yoseob
Crossover Choice 1: Beast/U-KISS
1: Junhyung/Kevin; post!xing
Ratings that are okay: G, PG, PG-13

LJ name or Alias: jisol
Crossover Choice 1: SHINee/f(x)
1: Taemin/Sulli: melodrama, happy ending, anything
2: Minho/Luna
3: Victoria/Jonghyun: something sweet
Crossover Choice 2: SHINee/miss A
1: Taemin/Suzy: something dangerous and risque, unexpected from the two maknaes
2: Minho/Min: Min provoking Minho's competitive spirit
3: Onew/Min
Ratings that are okay: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17

LJ name or Alias: byuldeureul
Band Choice 1: DBSK
1: gen (+ot5 friendship, perhaps?); Changmin-centric; growing up
2: Yunho/Jaejoong; "if we hold onto each other, life would be so sweet";
3: Junsu/Changmin;
Band Choice 2: SHINee
1: Jonghyun/Onew/Key (yes, as in Onew sandwiched in between JongKey);
2: OT5; AU (high school?) fic;
3: Minho/Taemin; you & i (collide)
Band Choice 3: f(x)
1: Victoria/Sulli; flower rings
2: Sulli/Krystal; questions of innocence
3: gen (or Amber/member of your choice, if you'd like); Amber-centric;
Band Choice 4: SNSD
1: Sunny/Hyoyeon; girls on film
2: gen; Tiffany-centric; "what I am is what I am"
3. OT5 (friendship or romance...it's up to you); all our yesterdays & todays
Crossover Choice 1: SHINee/f(x)
1: Minho/Krystal;
2: Onew/Luna;
Crossover Choice 2: DBSK/SHINee
1: Jaejoong/Onew; names and terms of endearment
2: Yunho/Taemin; closer to you(r ideal)
Ratings that are okay: All ratings are a-okay with me! :')

LJ name or Alias: kuroiimiyumi
Band Choice 1: U-KISS
1: Dongho/Soohyun; fluff, lots of it, preferably Christmas theme?
2: Eli/ Alexander; fluff, crack
3: Kibum/ Kiseop; high school au
Band Choice 2: 2PM
1: OT7 (or 6) random crack that will make me laugh
2: Nichkhun/ Wooyoung; angst turned to fluff
3: Junho/ Wooyoung; crack, fluff
Band Choice 3: SHINee
1: Jonghyun/Key; anything. preferably non-au
2: SHINee/Yoogeun; something cute :3
Ratings that are okay: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17

LJ name or Alias: marpeep
Band Choice 1: Beast
1: kikwang/doojoon: nerds (interpret that as you will)
2: junhyung/kikwang
Crossover Choice 1: Beast/SHINee
1: junhyung/jonghyun: the unlikely duo
2: onew/doojoon
3: junhyung/jonghyun/onew
Crossover Choice 2: SNSD/Super Junior
1: sooyoung/sungmin
2: kyuhyun/sunny: practical jokes
Ratings that are okay: anything and everything

LJ name or Alias: bluer
Band Choice 1: B2ST
1: Doojoon/Hyunseung; "So I grab my bags and go, as far away as I can go"
2: Dongwoon/Hyunseung
Band Choice 2: KARA
1: Gyuri/Hara; space au
2: Nicole/Hara; football(soccer)
Band Choice 3: 4minute
1: Jihyun/Gayoon; kissing
2: Hyuna/Gayoon
3: Jihyun/Gayoon/Hyuna; pirate au
4: OT5; holiday happenings
Band Choice 4: Infinite
1: Sungyeol/L; secret agents
2: Sunggyu/Sungyeol; late nights
Crossover Choice 1: 4minute/B2ST
1: Junhyung/Gayoon; killing loneliness
2: Hyunseung/Jihyun; you're my fantasy
3: 4B2ST; competition
Ratings that are okay: PG-13, R, NC-17
Tags: !2010, !dec/winter, !mod
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